At Fisher’s you will find we are passionate about customer service. We know many in the community by name and are humbled by the kind referrals we receive.  That said, we do not claim to be perfect and know we can always improve.  We aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction but need to hear if we made or missed the mark.

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Great Family Business
City & State: Clifton, VA

A neighbor told me about Fishers when I moved here around 2000. My most recent purchase was a Speed Queen washer. My Maytag washer,of over 29 years, just couldn't keep going. I hated parting with it and knew that the Maytags in the last 10 years are garbage. I've had many family members purchase them, including my mother (who used them all her life) and sister to only have them repeatedly break down in recent years. I knew I wasn't going back to Maytag. Speed Queen has been wonderful. I don't need a computer to tell me how to wash clothes or when I can add clothes. So glad I found Speed Queen. They'll sell parts if you're handy and can do it yourself. My brother-in-law purchase a part a few years ago to keep the washer going for another 3-4 years. no one else had the part or would bother to get it. When I moved away and had renters, they were quick to come out and make needed repairs on a stove top. Personalized an reliable service.

by Jon on Fisher's Maytag
Spot On!!
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Five times I've needed appliance parts and they had what I needed four of the times. Great people to buy from.

by Phyllis Buecheler on Fisher's Maytag
Speed queen Excellant Choice
City & State: Fairfax, VA

My old maytag (top Loader) 22 yrs old finally decided it was time to be retired, but the dryer is still going strong. I wanted something similar (all mechanical) to my old Maytag and the to load Speed Queen fit the bill perfectly. NO computerized washer for me. The service I received was excellant. Old Fashion Business ethics that you can't find in the BIG BOX stores. i have had my Speed Queen for just over a year and I love it.

by Bob Wolf on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I'm a homeowner & real estate investor with numerous properties in Prince William County. Appliances today are not built like those in the past and require periodic care and feeding. I went through a number of repairmen until I found Ken at Fisher's Maytag. He's proven over and over again with his professionalism and excellent customer service why he has been my exclusive appliance guy for 4 years running. He's helped me solve minor problems over the phone (something no one else will do) and promptly arrives when I can't fix it myself. He fixes the problems quickly and helps me keep my tenants happy. He is more than fair compared to his competition. A true old fashion American businessman that takes care of his customers fairly and completely. Highly recommend to all homeowners and investors. Thanks Ken and keep up the great service!

by Lynn S on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Warrenton, VA

Very happy with our service call!! Our Maytag dishwasher broke down over the weekend and I was told by the "factory service" folks at Maytag that it'd take about two weeks to send their contracted repairman over because we live so far out in the boonies (Warrenton, VA). Since our warranty expired many months ago anyway, I decided to give Fisher's Maytag a try. Was pleasantly surprised that they do service our "rural" area and that a service call was set up for the next morning. The repairman arrived on time, diagnosed and fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes. He explained what had gone wrong (a blown fuse), tested all the wash cycles and asked me to call his cell phone right away if it should stop working again. I was just thrilled to have a dishwasher to use again after four days of washing dishes by hand. Cost is reasonable given the prompt and no-hassle service. Would definitely recommend this business. When our old Amana fridge breaks down again, we'll be heading to Fisher's to pick out a new one.

by Joan K on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Gainesville, VA

I needed service for my clothes dryer. It just was not drying the clothes as it used to. I called Fisher's Maytag who came out the very next day. Now my dryer dries as it should! The service technical clearly knew what to do with my machine even though it was not a Maytag. They told me they service all brands and models. They sure proved it to me that day. They came when promised, did the repair, cleaned up, and were out the door in no time.

by A.G. on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Small, family owned "no frills" business. Great service. Bought a Speed Queen washing machine from them. Easiest appliance delivery I've ever had-- they gave me an exact time for the next day, showed up as promised.

by Jane S. on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Burke, VA

In an industry often characterized by incompetence, rudeness, and high prices, Fisher's Maytag is a shining example of what is best in customer service. Here, incompetence is replaced by a vast knowledge of all things mechanical, and Ken Fisher, a courtly gentleman of the old school, is politeness personified. And, unlike the charges from most appliance repair companies, the bill you receive from Fisher's will not send you into cardiac arrest. The technician who lovingly treats your ancient washing machine. The salesperson who expertly guides you through the maze of new appliances. The owner who instantly deduces a problem from your muddled, illogical explanation. What more could you want? By calling Fisher's Maytag, you not only support the kind of small business that built this country, but you also do yourself a favor in the bargain. J. Sargeant

by John L on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Sumerduck, VA

I was looking for a new washer, the Maytag was almost seven years old when it started leaking oil in the floor. I had researched many new front loaders and top loaders, What I found was front loaders come with a very high price and lots of problems. I spoke to Ken Fisher and he agreed that the machines made today do not last like the old Maytags. He suggested I look at the Speed Queen top loader. I bought the machine and installed it. The machine handles a large load of clothes with no problems. It runs quiet and washes very well. A great buy for the money. John in Sumerduck VA

by Chris B on Fisher's Maytag
City & State: Haymarket, Virginia

I was trying to get our GE refridgerator fixed by Norris Appliance. They were busy that day, and referred me to Fisher's. That told me good things right there. I had tried to work on the fridge on my own, and got above my ability. I described my problems over the phone, and we thought it would be a compressor switch. They came out, replaced the switch and it still didn't work. They suggested another fix, which I saw quite a bit of risk in. I'm not naming that, because they went over and above to cover the risk for me, and ended up running back to their shop, getting the other part, and bringing it out again. This had to work, or I was going to be buying a new fridge. It worked. So I thought at that point that I would be paying out that bank account for their service. They came out twice on a Friday afternoon. I paid what I thought was a very reasonable price for mediocre service, not the outstanding service that they provided. If I have the opportunity, I'll continue doing business with Fisher's and with this sort of fairness, integrity, and support, you should also.

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